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Because everybody needs a little help from their friends...

Multi Me is a secure social platform created for people with learning disabilities. It is designed to help them communicate and tell their Story through the use of multi-media, and become more in control of their lives through personal Goal setting and the help of their online Support Network. (Read more )

  • Build your own secure social Multi Me Communities. Whether you are an individual, family or organisation we provide a Multi Me package for you! (build your community )

  • A multi-media rich and accessible communication platform. Multi Me promotes the use of multi-media, such as digital pictures, videos, audio and text as a combined communication tool for people with communication difficulties. Multi Me allows users to easily post media into Stories, Conversations and comments, allowing them to upload from their device, embed videos from Vimeo or YouTube or capture photos, video and audio directly from their webcam.(read more )

  • Plan your life and get others to help you achieve your Goals.  the Multi Me Goals application allows individuals to take control of their life planning and achievements. It helps organisations and multi-disciplinary teams to work together around an individual to support their own outcomes and goals, whether they be in health, education or care. Multi Me Goals is an accessible, multi-media based project management tool like no other! (read more )

  • Multi Me for education. Multi Me provides a student-centred solution that allows students to take ownership of their own learning and achievements, working with teachers, support staff and others.(Read more )

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