Support Networking

for people with learning disabilities and their Circles of Support...

multi me is a secure social platform and online person-centred toolkit that helps individuals and families build their own Circles of Support through the sharing of multimedia, secure messaging, goal setting and event planning. (Read more )

  • Build your own secure social multi me Community as an organisation or a family (Find out more )
  • Use multimedia as a self-advocacy, self-development and evidence building tool for  people with learning disabilities. multi me allows users to easily post a wide range of media captured directly from webcam, uploaded from a device or embedded from the Internet.
  • Plan your life and get help from others.  multi me allows individuals and teams to work together by using accessible multimedia planning and evidence recording tools.
  • For education... multi me provides a learner-centred solution that allows students to take ownership of their own development and achievements. multi me allows educational establishments to work together with families, health and care teams around an individual's Education Health and Care Plan.(Read more )

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