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Flintshire Multi Me

Flintshire Multi Me

Supporting transition to adult life for people with learning disabilities in Flintshire



Multi Me Ltd. was commissioned by Flintshire Local Authority in 2015 to run a six-month pilot of its secure social, support networking online platform in Flintshire. Multi Me worked closely with Flintshire County Council, Colleg Cambria Northop site and local providers to deliver a number of training sessions and Multi Me based workshops designed for adults with a learning difficulty and their supporters.

The aim of the pilot was to help people with a learning difficulty in Flintshire have more of a voice through using social media and improve communication and access to information. Colleg Cambria was also keen to pilot Multi Me as an accessible learning platform with their students with learning disabilities in the college Independent Living Skills department.

Over the 6-month period over 250 people from Flintshire including college students and adults with a learning disability, teachers, support workers, learning disability professionals, families and carers registered on the site.

The pilot was received well by many of its participants, with many positive user stories and benefits resulting.


Flintshire Multi Me Pilot Case Study 1: Tri Ffordd Day Service by Carole Czachur.

There are currently 11 people who attend Tri Ffordd that have opened Multi Me accounts & we are really pleased that a couple of people took the initiative and set up their accounts from home.

Multi Me has opened up a whole new world for some people, giving them the tools required to communicate their own story in their own way.  By linking into Google and YouTube people can add things that have achieved and things that they would like to achieve in the future, it enables them to search and store relevant information, information that they can then share with other people, people who can help to make it happen.

It gives people the opportunity to keep in touch with friends and colleagues and promotes their independence and decision making opportunities.  People update their accounts at Tri Ffordd and some add information to the account from home.

We use the system to assist individuals during their Care Plan Reviews i.e. people produce a picture diary of events during the year, the photographs are added to their account and provide evidence that objectives are being achieved and it enables the individual to tell their own story (rather than other people talking about them).  What better evidence of achievement than seeing photo’s or videos of the actual task being undertaken.

It has increased peoples interest in using our IT suite and has helped people to develop greater skills relating to accessing the internet, searching for information, saving chosen items and sharing info with friends and colleagues.

I regard Multi Me as a very useful social networking site that also assists people to take more control of their lives. I look forward to the day when individuals can message their social workers and other professionals as and when they need them, people that otherwise they may only see once a year for a statutory review.

Multi Me could also assist new support workers to provide individuals with the most appropriate level of support, delivered in the way that their customer wants.  They are not providing the support based on a summary of the opinions / interpretation of other people’s feedback rather following the information compiled and updated by the person themselves.

I hope that in the future we will be able to further develop the use of Multi Me at Tri Ffordd.


Flintshire Multi Me Pilot Case Study 2 - Evan Edwards by Steve Brown

Multi Me gives Evan the opportunity to re-live the activities and events he has participated in, much like a photo album with added text and media, he will be able to enjoy it for years to come regardless of his support.

Another excellent feature on Multi Me is that Evan’s friends can see what he has been up to, and Evan is able to see for himself what others have been doing and possibly experience the activity for himself. He will, from time to time, be invited to take part in events such as the Diversity Festival earlier this year.

Evan’s support staff can also see his activity through Multi Me. Through using the Goals feature Multi Me allows them to tailor new activities and set new targets based on experiences Evan has had and enjoyed. They can see how far tasks have progressed, such as choosing his new car, so as not to repeat the testing of vehicles, but offer their own opinion on the selections through Multi Me.


Flintshire Multi Me Pilot Coleg Cambria report:

Coleg Cambria have also published a news article about the trial following its Multi Me Graduation Day for I.L.S students at the college; https://www.cambria.ac.uk/news/multi-me-trial/

 Download this as a PDF here 

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