Version 3.2 is live!!

Posted by admin on 20th December 2017

Version 3.2 is live!!

Over the last 6 months we have been developing version 3 of the multi me patform and rolling out frequent software updates. multi me vs.3.2 is now complete with most of the key changes now in place. 

Version 3.2 main developments:

  • New picture password login option
  • Combines the user profile section and 'My Stories' into a section called 'About Me'
  • Combines 'My Community' and 'My Friends' into a section called 'My Circle'
  • Introduces 'My Diary', a multimedia diary and secure support logbook feature
  • Allows users to post updates directly to thier Circle or to Groups
  • Allows users to like, comment or link Goals to an update (and create new Goals/Tasks on the fly)
  • Allows users to create thier own Circle Groups and Events
  • Allows Account Holders to manage certain users and their access from the Account Holder Panel
  • Allows Buddys to create Goals for Supported Users and manage thier Circles, Events and Groups
  • Is now fully mobile optimized 
My Collections
You may have noticed we have hidden 'My Collections' from the main dashboard. This is due to it being the least popular of multi me features with our users. You can reveal this feature by clicking the 'Show more' link at the bottom of the page. You may also access shared Collections from other user's pages in the 'Shared with me' section by clicking 'Show more'.
Please do send us feedback if you feel this is a useful feature that you would like to see developed further and we will take this onboard.


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