Vs.3 is coming soon!

Posted by admin on 11th June 2017

Vs.3 is coming soon!

Over the last year we have been listening very carefully to our user community at multi me and have been buisily gathering feedback for version 3.

In Vs.3 we have refined and improved the system to make it easier to use and more effective in many ways for our users. Version 3 sees some major improvements to the site in general as well as the introduction of a new feature called 'My Diary'. 'My Diary' is a simple multi-media diary and blogging tool that can link to a user's Goals and Goal Tasks, it also provides a vital communications logbook for a user's 'Circle of Support'. 

We have also improved the site for teaching staff and proffessionals managing many users, Groups and Goals from a single account.

Vs.3.0 update will include:

  • New My Diary feature
  • New Add Stickers to entries across the site
  • Updated My Media area
  • Updated Goals area
  • UpdatedMy Collections'
  • General improvements to user interface and mobile optimisation
  • General security improcements and bug fixes
Vs.3.1 update will include:
  • Updated Community Admin page to manage users, Buddies and groups
  • Updated Buddy Section
Vs.3.2 update will include:
  • New 'My Circle' area (Combining 'My Friends' and 'My Circle Community')
  • Updated Groups area
  • New Circle Admin area


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