Some serious Multimedia Profiling Down Under!

Posted by Charlie Levinson on 11th September 2012

The Communication Resource Centre (CRC) at Scope Victoria have been using Multi Me for over a year as part of a pilot funded by Telematics Trust and the Jack Brockhoff Foundation to help explore the use of Multimedia Profiling (MMP) with people with profound and multiple disabilities.

"Over the last nine months, we have worked with ten participants and their family members, support staff and therapists to capture video and photos of each participant's communication, such as facial expressions, body language, vocalisations and actions. We have used the usual media with voiceovers and written captions to create a multimedia profile for each participant." 

Naomi Rezzani, Speech Pathologist at CRC and MMP project manager said "We had the final meeting with David and two of his supporters yesterday and then presented to a group about David's multime. Everyone agreed that the information on multime gives an insight into the person, unlike anything written or conveyed verbally. We also had lots of input about other things to add. I'm finding that once people see the video footage, the floodgates open and people start being able to REALLY describe communication and then go about collecting more photos and video footage." 

The project began in July 2011, at the time we launched Multi Me beta. We would like to thank everybody at the Communication Resource Centre for providing such invaluable feedback throughout our journey from beta to our current version of Multi Me. The project has produced some very focused, detailed and high quality multimedia work with its participants. 

A report about the project will be completed in July 2012. For more information contact Naomi Rezzani Phone:   9843 2010 

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