New 'My Goals' area

Posted by admin on 18th October 2018

New 'My Goals' area

'My Goals' is a personal planning tool that is popular with our users, we have been busy over the last few years gathering information and feedback from our clients about how they use the Goals tool and how they would like to see it developed. The My Goals developments will add the following changes to the existing Goals tool, all user data will be kept intact with no migration issues to the new system. We will be rolling out the changes in two phases over the next few weeks:

Goal updates as a summary:

Phase 1 (ETA 19th October 2018):

  • New Task list design, ability to see full name and description of Task, quick create tasks and easily sign off tasks from this page
  • Ability to see the Goal as a Timeline. We have developed an interactive Gantt chart style layout that shows the Task plan and progress of Tasks over time
  • Ability to add people directly to a Goal Task from a users Circle (bypassing old cumbersome request system - with new Buddy request system in place for Supported Users)
  • Ability to TAG Tasks and view Tasks by TAG
  • New progress bar showing Task development
  • Ability to reorder Tasks in list in custom order
  • Ability to duplicate and then batch assign Tasks from a Goal. One Task can be assigned to multiple users - creating a fresh instance of the Task on the users Dashboard under the same Goal heading

Phase 2 (ETA 2nd November 2018):

  • Ability to add Goals into Category lists, for example all my Goals around my Communication can go into the Communication Category, or different Categories can be created by Portal Admins for different educational frameworks for example and batch applied users in the portal.
  • Ability to add (RIX) Wiki pages to Tasks as attachments

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