Multi Me Vs.2 has arrived!

Posted by admin on 14th September 2015

Multi Me Vs.2 has arrived!

Multi Me Vs.2 has arrived!

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New features and developments include:

Security fixes and safeguarding developments including;

  • Auto-log out after period of inactivity
  • SSL secure connection
  • Updated code with latest security fixes
  • New permissions settings options for individuals
  • New Buddy settings options and features
  • Lock down access to your multi me Community and assets by I.P address
  • The ability for Community admins to easily define user roles and match users to designated Buddies or Groups


New user interface design and feature development including;

  • New homepage ‘My Multi Me’ section giving users an overview of everything happening in their Communities and easy access to their own Profile pages
  • ‘My Stuff’ section allows users to easily navigate different sections of the site
  • ‘My Requests’ section allows users to sign off their friend, Buddy, Community or Group admin requests in one go
  • New ‘Quickmenu’ and Sharing menus make it easier for users to navigate and interact with the site
  • ‘My Goals’, (formally called Projects). This section has had a major re-design to make goal setting and collaboration more effective on multi me
  • ‘My Invitations’ section allows users to easily invite others into their Community, Events, Goals or Stories
  • ‘My Groups & Communities’ page gives users an overview of their networks and network updates
  • ‘My Circle Community’ gives users their own Circle of Support network and allows Community admins to easily create ‘Circles’ for individuals they support
  • The ability for users to search Events happening in their  Groups and Communities and add them to their personal calendar. The ability to chat to other users in Events
  • The ability to upload and capture media directly into Folders and Goals
  • The ability to easily talk to whole Groups using our new group messaging feature
  • The new ‘Find People’ search feature makes it easier for users to add ‘Friends’ from their Communities
  • The new mobile optimized layout supports both smartphones and tablets
  • User, time and date stamping across the site

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