Multi Me just got smarter

Posted by ADMIN on 5th December 2012

We are currently rolling out our new email notification system to all our users. If you want to make use of this feature please make sure you have registered your email address in your 'Account Settings' page. We have also added a new 'Email Notifications' tab so users can select what they want to be notified about.

Getting the balance right between informing users and overloading people with emails is very important to us. If you feel you have any feedback about our email notifications please do send it to us to help us get it right. Click here to access our feedback form.

For the past month we have been beavering away at Multi Me to develop our Buddy feature and email notification system. Multi Me Buddies allows users to get support with their networking from other users. Multi Me now supports;
  • Email notifications of 'My Activity' including sharing and messaging
  • Email notifications of 'My Tasks' including Projects and group administration
  • Email notifications for Buddy supervisory tasks
  • The ability for community admins to manage members through their community administration page
  • The ability for community admins to create bulk Multi Me accounts in their community for users with or without email addresses 

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