The ICICLE Project

Posted by ADMIN on 2nd October 2012

Multi Me is ecstatic to announce that we will be working with The Rix Centre on an exciting one year project funded by NIACE CILF (Community Learning Innovation Fund) with other software providers and several adult community learning centres in East London.

“The ICICLE Project will co-develop an Inclusive ‘Online Community Learning Environment’ with adults with learning disabilities, to build ICT and the Web skills and enable users of all ages and abilities to realise personal goals and take more active part in their communities. Learners, teachers, volunteers, researchers and technologists will collaborate to build and pilot a uniquely easy-to-use system across four East-London neighbourhoods and evaluate its effectiveness and impact on participants’ lives and social inclusion.”

“Adults with learning disabilities will co-develop and pilot state-of-the-art online learning, social network and multimedia-authoring tools to make learning accessible and meaningful.
Learners will develop skills and confidence in safe ICT and Internet use, to be fully included in today’s connected culture for learning, information-access, social-connectedness, personal organising and self-expression. We will demonstrate how this model of community learning can transform the lives of the most disadvantaged.

Learners will build personal online learning networks, with tutors, families, peers and volunteers, to develop and manage their own learning pathways and strengthen formal and informal community learning support structures. Building local and networked communities of learning that are inclusive, linking sectors and neighbourhoods, sharing useful information and resources. The project will help learners; extend circles of support for independence, access services and participate more in their communities, preparing for employment and engaging more effectively in voluntary and leisure activity.”

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