ASDAN accredited course uses Multi Me

Posted by Admin on 15th April 2013

ASDAN accredited course uses Multi Me to get people connected!

We are very excited to announce that Multi Me will be working with The Elfrida Society to help them create their own ASDAN accredited course to help people with learning disabilities get online safely. The Elfrida Society are looking to use Multi Me as a learning and support tool across a wide range of ASDAN learning and course attainment. Leon Shoben (Learning for Life and Work Manager at Elfrida Society) said:

“We anticipate that Multi Me will enable us to support people with learning difficulties to develop self-worth in communication with the wider community  using innovative IT technology. They will beable to create new friends and partnerships in  a safe environment, expressing their diverse talents, experiences and feelings to like-minded people. As their world expands, new possibilities may arise to progress in employability and education.”

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