Benefits for Learning

for individual learners...

  • Gives learners skills in the use of multimedia as a communication tool. Can be used for a wide range of purposes such as Record of Achievements, employment CVs and exploring person-centered themes
  • Improves social and emotional well-being and develops self-direction; improves motivation, attitude and approach to learning, work and leisure, generates greater independence and is linked with personalisation and use of personal budgets
  • Connects learners up with their community and helps them get involved in social activities, develop social skills and build a circle of support around them
  • Learner is able to work to her/his own pace according to needs and to see outcomes of activities and adjust plans accordingly, so this improves goal/task achievement and develops self-esteem.
  • Learner is able to engage others better and to tailor their own learning flexibility; generating maximum impact and satisfaction for the user
  • Grows with learner and supports them through their transition process, helping them to develop the necessary skills and resources to provide a smooth transition between services and from school or college into training and work.

for education establishments...

  • Better engagement with learners and learning community - improves self-direction and responsibility in the learner and enables better interaction and communication with him or her - this can link to SEAL programmers where in use
  • Improved participation - better access to learning and enables greater flexibility in delivering learning
  • Can develop innovative approaches to learning which can benefit the whole learning community
  • Enables more efficient use of resources - links to personal budgets and to wider resources from cluster partners and support agencies
  • Can provide evidence of achievement, especially for learners who don't fit into an accredited framework, linking to Records of Achievement where appropriate
  • Works alongside existing management information systems, such as SIMS
  • Helps develop new media and person centred planning pathways to run alongside existing vocational pathways