For Education

Multi Me provides a personalised learning solution that allows students to take ownership of their own learning goals and achievements, working with teachers, support staff and their Circle of Support

"Multi Me is a fantastic tool. Our children and young adults are able to share their goals and achievements in a secure environment with their friends, staff and family. Successes relating to the goals can then be shared, via text, photos, videos or files by anyone within the pupil’s circle of support. We have already seen that sharing information in this way increases understanding of our pupil’s abilities and in turn raises aspirations as to what they can achieve in the future”.               

John Riches, Headteacher at Bardwell School, Bicester

Download the Bardwell School Case study.

Multi Me can help to build learners’ self-esteem through building their self-advocacy with multi-media, exploring their gifts and talents and nurturing their strengths through collaborative working with peers, families and outside agencies. Multi Me can help give learners more self-confidence and direction in life, enabling the wider participation of all those who support them with accessible tools for Goal planning, messaging and networking to help organise and monitor progress on their portfolios, personal plans, together with outcomes.

  • Multi Me gives learners access to their information at home or in class
  • For learners who are having difficulties engaging with curriculum activities, multi-media is an alternative, fun and creative approach to learning
  • Multi Me is a live up-to-date process that creates a life-long showcase of who the person is, what they have done and their aspirations for the future
  • Multi Me builds community presence and creates opportunities for building friendships and meaningful relationships with the wider community, and promotes a positive image of individual students aiming to assist in living a 21st century life

Portability and Transition

Multi Me is designed for effective use by young people and their supporters in their transition from school to further education, training and work. They will be able to continue to build on their Multi Me as they leave school, attend college, enter training or employment and engage with self-directed support in the community.

By building networks of support, friendship and interest, communicating with multimedia and developing their projects online, Multi Me will help learners to start to engage in transition planning from early on, with their peers, families and teaching and support staff.

Multi Me facilitates effective planning. It holds information in Person Centred formats that promote the individual’s strengths and capabilities.

Multi Me shifts the emphasis towards people and citizenship and away from services and dependency and paves the way for personalised support and budgets.

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