Changes we have made

We have made the following changes to MultiMe in response to the new GDPR regulations:

  1. We have implemented a new account deletion system that can be activated by the account owner, their Buddy or the Account Holder responsible for the account.
  2. Accounts can be deleted immediately, or by a scheduled deletion that takes place after two weeks of activation.
  3. Deleted accounts will permanently erase all the user's personal data such as their username, name, profile picture and email etc...from our servers and remove all of the user's assets such as their Circle, Stories, Diary, Goals, Events, Media and RIX Wiki.
  4. Some data posted to other user's assets by the deleted user will not be deleted in order to retain integrity of information on the system. However, all deleted user post identification will be replaced by the username 'anonymous user'.
  5. All accounts that are not active and under subscription will be deleted by us after six months.
  6. We have updated our Privacy Policy and Terms to reflect these new changes and describe in detail when, how and why we use personal data at MultiMe.
  7. All users must give us consent to store their data by signing and agreing to our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Terms and Conditions when they create an account. This consent is logged by us.