Company Profile

Multi Me the product is a concept originating from best-practice examples of Person Centred Planning (PCP), Circles of Support models and Multimedia Profiling (MMP) approaches with people with learning difficulties. It brings together the latest technology and social media approaches to create a unique and powerful solution to person centred working for use in education, home, work and leisure settings. After extensive research since 2008 involving The Rix Centre (University of East London) in helping to develop an early Multi Me prototype, Multi-Me Ltd. was formed in 2010 by Charlie Levinson.

Charlie has spent over 15 years working with people with learning disabilities and young people with special educational needs with their self-advocacy and person centred planning and has developed a specialism in multimedia communication techniques.

Our values

We believe in the use of social networking as a social Inclusion and support tool.

We promote the use of multimedia storytelling (digital audio, video, pictures and text) as a radical tool and language that can help break down the barriers to many people’s participation in life and society.

We promote the use of Person Centred Planning and approaches, to help people be more in control of their lives, participate fully in their community and build active circles of support around them.

We aim to provide products and services that help individuals, their families, peers and the professionals who work with them, to easily use these approaches as invaluable tools. 

We believe that, given the right circumstance, everybody has the capacity and desire to relate to, understand and co-operate with one another despite all differences.

We believe in equal opportunities - that everybody has the right to participate in society and that all have something essential to contribute regardless of their physical and intellectual abilities, gender or race.

Our mission

We believe that through enabling communication and co-operation, technology has the potential to help break down deep-rooted barriers and intolerances in our society, as well as help free us from the limitations of our own physical bodies and experience.

We believe that the web, like any other public facility, needs to be made accessible to all, including those most vulnerable in our society, such as those with cognitive and intellectual disabilities.

At Multi-Me we are committed to developing technology that empowers people and enables social change. Our vision is to help build a truly Inclusive society that values individuality, diversity and creativity through empowering communities of tolerance, co-operation and support online.