The My Stuff Dashboard provides and easy way for Users to navigate the site with links to applications and key areas.

  • About Me. This section allows Users to create a multimedia Profile page about them that is visible to other members of their Communities. The Stories tab allows Users to create individual Stories that can be kept private or shared as required.
  • My Circle. As a User I can add other Users from My Communities to My Circle. Once a User is in My Circle I can share and message with them on a one-to-one or group basis.
  • My Events. Community and Group Admins can post events to Members. Users can create their own Events and invite people from their Circle. The Event page contains details of the Event that includes a map as well as sections for comments and attachments.
  • My Diary. The Diary feature allows individuals and their Circles of Support to collaborate around daily support logs and activities. Diaries can be customised for individual users to cover log requirements such as medication, health and daily care. Key individuals can be notified of log entries. 
  • My Goals. Users can set their own Goals around things they want to achieve in their lives.  These could include educational targets at school, health/wellbeing targets or life-skills for example. Goals are made up of smaller, achievable Targets that can be given start and end dates and be assigned to Users. Goal Members can post Attachments and messages and track the progress of Tasks. Users can Link multi me posts to Goal Tasks and can create new Goals and Tasks on the fly.
  • My Media. Users can add media including digital pictures, videos, audio, most common document file types as well as Google Docs to their media libraries. Users can organise their stuff into Folders and share these with others. Shared media can be added to user posts.