about multi me

Multi Me is a secure social platform created for people with learning disabilities. It is designed to help them communicate and tell their Story through the use of multi-media and become more in control of their lives through personal Goal setting and the help of their online Support Network.

Multi Me is a social network with a difference. It provides a range of accessible and multi-media based applications designed to empower individuals in their self-advocacy, self-confidence and independence. Multi Me helps people with learning disabilities manage and build their own Support Network and Circle of Support. It enables the communication, co-operation and joined-up support of the individuals family, friends, professionals and community circles.

Multi Me is a uniquely secure social platform that has a range of safeguarding and moderation features built in to enable the safe and happy participation of all its users.

Multi Me the product is a concept originating from best-practice examples of Person Centred Planning (PCP), Circles of Support models and Multimedia Profiling (MMP) approaches with people with learning difficulties. It brings together the latest technology and social media approaches to create a unique and powerful solution to person centred working for use in education, health, social care and home based settings.


After extensive research since 2008 involving The Rix Centre  (University of East London) in helping to develop an early software prototype, Multi-Me Ltd. was formed in 2010 by Charlie Levinson. The Multi Me Beta platform was launched in July 2011, Multi Me Vs.1 in July 2012 and Multi Me Vs.2 (current platform) in September 2015. Read more about our company profile here.